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Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)

Cisco AnyConnect provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity that allows HTC Android users to connect with their company’s applications and data. Whether providing access to business email, a virtual desktop session, or most other Android applications, AnyConnect enables business-critical application connectivity.

HTC Devices Supported

The table below provides a list of the HTC devices that currently support Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Models must have the corresponding software number indicated below or a newer version to run this program.

This table will be updated periodically to include more device models.

HTC Devices Supported

Device Model Minimum Software Number Required *
HTC Desire™ HD 3.04
HTC EVO View 4G™ 2.06
HTC EVO™ 4G+ (Korea) 2.1
HTC Explorer™ 1.05
HTC Flyer™ 3.07
HTC Flyer™ 4G (Videotron) 3.07
HTC Incredible™ S 3.03
HTC One ™ S 1
HTC One ™ V 1
HTC One ™ X 1
HTC Raider™ 4G (Korea) 2.02
HTC Rezound™-ADR6425L 2.00.605.0
HTC Rhyme™ (GSM version) 1.13
HTC Sensation XL™ with Beats Audio™ 1
HTC Velocity™ 4G 2.02
HTC Vivid™ (AT&T) 3.26.502.56

* Note: If your device does not have the minimum software version required to run this application, check for updates by selecting the following from your device:

Settings > Software update > Check for updates

If an update is not currently available, please check again later.

Having trouble figuring out your model or software number? Select the following from your device:

Model: Settings > About phone >Phone identity > Model number

Software Number: Settings > About phone > Software information > Software number


Links to the user’s guide and release notes can be found on the Google Play or on Cisco’s website.

Download the App

To download Cisco AnyConnect search for the key words “HTC AnyConnect” on the Google Play. If your device does not support the HTC AnyConnect app it will not appear in your search results. Other versions of Cisco AnyConnect available on the Android Market will not work with HTC devices.